Thursday, January 11, 2018

Allure Beauty Thrills December 2017 Unboxing!

I am always honest with you, and I am not going to stop now.   At first I thought it was a little extravagant to spend $50 on a box of beauty products that I may or may not even need.  BUT, now that I am 3 boxes in, I think it is the best bargain out there.

The December Beauty Thrills box has everything you need and more.  Maybe there is a product you have been thinking of trying but haven't...IT is in there.  Maybe there is a product you just can't get enough of...IT is in there.  I am sold and will buy every box I can in the future.

So what is in the December Box that you just can't live without???  Click Here to find out.

XOXO   Kiki

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