Thursday, April 20, 2017

Reaching For The Crown!

I remember as a little girl getting so excited when it was time for the Miss USA Pageant to come on TV.  I would prepare all day.  First, I had to wear my fanciest dress, then curl my hair and put on some of my mom's makeup.  Then comes the tiara.  I would pick one out from my 'dress up' collection of clothing.  It is every little girl's dream to compete, and Ashley Mora is living the dream!

Ashley Mora is our very own, Miss New Mexico.  She is set to represent our state at the Miss USA Pageant May 14th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  And we could not be more proud!  Ashley has been a guest on our show many times, and it has been an honor to watch her grow.  She is bubbly, full of life, and active in our community.  She even got me to a spinning class! (and I swore I would never do it)  But that is how Ashley is.  She makes you believe in yourself, and that is why we believe in her!  

So mark your calendars right now!  We need to cheer Ashley on.  May 14th on Fox.  #cantwait