Monday, September 19, 2016

History of Vegas Through the Neon Lights

It is no secret that I am in love with Vegas.  Any chance I get, I go. One of my dreams was to visit the Neon Museum, and on my last trip I made it a reality.  Honest Circle:  My husband wasn't as enthusiastic as I was about the adventure, but by the end of the tour, he was as into it as I was.  It is a walk through the history of the town.  From the conception to what it is today, all through the mesmorizing lights that I just can't get enough of.

Our guide, Ashley was chock full of knowledge, and her passion was palable.  She really knew her history, and if you had any questions, she had all the answers.

Walking down the maze of signs was so cool.  People flock to Las Vegas to gamble and see the shows, but not all of us know the history and how it all began.  Each sign we came across was cooler than the next.  I think my favorite story was about Binion's Horseshoe Casino on Freemont Street.  I never noticed, but the horseshoes are actually upside down.  That equals bad luck.  You need the horseshoe to be right side up, so all the luck falls inside.  I guess they didn't want people to win that much inside their casino.  Tricky, those Binions.

Aligiers Hotel is of course the hotel the movie Casino with Robert De Niro was based on.  They changed the name to the Tangiers in the movie.  When I look at this, I just imagine how exciting it was for first time gamblers and visitors to walk through the doors of this casino.

This Cocktails Steak Chicken neon sign is believed to be the oldest neon sign.  It is still in good shape.  This sign is in it's original condition, but there are signs on the property that have been restored as well.

My parents actually got married in Vegas.  I like to imagine they walked right under this sign.  I also don't mind thinking maybe Elvis performed the ceremony.  How cool would it be to get married INSIDE the boneyard of the Neon Museum?!  Good news, you can!!  The space is also available for special events.

To learn more about this hidden gem in Las Vegas, Nevada click here.

I would highly recommend making some time on your next visit to Sin City to go and check out the Neon Museum.  Don't forget to share your pics with us too!

XOXO  Kiki

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