Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DSW Is On The Way!!

DSW is coming to Albuquerque, and I could not be more excited!  I have already been searching the website, making a list of shoes that I plan on trying on.  Oh, who are we kidding.  I am going to do some major shopping once that store opens at Winrock Mall.

Look at these shoes I found already.....

These are Chinese Laundry, the style is called Hopscotch and I am in love!  They are perfect for summer and even some of the beautiful spring I know we will have.  This is officially the first shoe on my DSW wishlist!  And if they weren't already perfect in your eyes, DSW has them for half off the retail price!

So who is ready to go shopping?   I guarantee I will be there on opening day.  I just hope they have a cart big enough for all the shoes I plan on buying.

XOXO  Kiki

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Is This Real Life?

There is a new trend that I don't think I can get on board with, Fury Nails!  What do you think?  It looks like it would be super hard to do anything.

Would you do this, or is it a pass?

XOXO  Kiki

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fashion Week Turns The Table On Barbie!

When I was a little girl I could literally spend hours on end playing with my Barbie Dolls.  I would dress them up, act out how glamorous I thought they were living their lives.  And then I would do it all over again.  I spent more time with those dolls than just about anything else, and I loved every minute of it!

So how cool is this?  In honor of Fashion Week going on in NYC,  Some designers actually created great looks for the original fashion Icon of my life, Barbie.  Check it out!

I wish they had this when I was young.  Is it wrong that I am tempted to go out and buy a Barbie Doll right now?

XOXO  Kiki

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Perfect Crease

Getting the perfect crease is so hard!  It usually looks terrible when I do it.  Has anyone tried this hack yet?  I am going to practice over the weekend.

Let me know if it works for you.

XOXO  Kiki

Monday, February 8, 2016

Say Goodbye To Aging!

Would you try this?  I think it sounds interesting.  And the foil mask makes sense to me.

If you have tried it, share your results with the rest of us.

XOXO    Kiki

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Perfect Blue Streak

I am head over heels in love with monthly subscription make-up boxes, and Birchbox just knocked it out of the park for me.

Recently I received Marcelle eyeliner in Electric Blue and it is quickly becoming my go to color.  It just makes my eyes pop!  I actually have a page ripped from one of my favorite magazines showing so many different ways you can use it.  I always just use it on the tear line, but now I think it is time to live outside the box.

Look at the way Olivia Palermo uses it heavy above her eyes.  That seems simple enough.  Blacks and Browns are great, but I always love to use extra color on my eyes whenever possible.  This Marcelle eyeliner is waterproof and it comes in 14 different colors.  And the best part, It retails for just $10.95 each.  No need to feel guilty about buying more than one, plus you will be ready for anything.  It literally goes on like a dream too.  So smudging, and no raccoon eyes.  I wake up for work at 330 in the morning, and by 11 am, it still looks fresh.

This is a must have product for me, and I believe you will love it too!

XOXO  Kiki