Monday, April 13, 2015

A Chat With Jess Green

When scrolling through Facebook, sometimes it feels like we are inundated with video after video.  BUT, every once in awhile there is a video that just pops out at you.  You are compelled to watch it, and afterwards you are happy you did, and sometimes you actually learn something from it.

That happened to me.  I follow Drea de Matteo.  I have loved her since she brought IBS onto the scene in The Sopranos and turned her life around in Sons of Anarchy, I even watched Joey just to because of her.  So when I saw her in a workout video with Personal Trainer Jess Green I had to stop and watch.  Now we have all seen videos like this, but what is so fabulous about this one is, Drea is just like you and me!  Jess Green is working hard, showing us the proper way to work a muscle and Drea is there struggling through.  Now here is where it gets deep.  While watching this video, I had that AHA moment when I realized, it doesn't matter who you are, you might seem on the surface as a person who has it all together.  But in the end, there are things that we all struggle with.  The come away was that you might struggle but you can do it, just do it in your own way.

Thanks to the fabulous world we live in today, I was able to reach out to Jess and chat with her about her philosophy.  She was even gracious enough to give me a few tips on exercises and stretches that I could do while I am at work.  Now here is where it gets super cool, she is currently working at Radio City Music Hall in the Spring Spectacular.  Jess is not only a personal trainer, she is also a life coach and can help you in every aspect of your journey to a better you.  And even though she is located in New York City at the time, she is able to work with you through Skype and other forms of social media.  

Jess will customize a routine to meet your needs and your lifestyle.  From Nutrition, to workouts, to making smart choices.  She wants us all to "Unleash the Fierce Athlete within", and I have to say, after talking with her, I believe even I can do that.

My focus was different stretches I can do at work, but Jess actually had a great idea to do it as a group at work so you have the comradery.  She suggested workers in an office set a reminder on their phones at different times through out the day to do their stretches.  You don't necessarily gather together, but you know that you are all sitting at your desks doing it at the same time.

Jess is full of great information and tips for getting to the best you possible.  To learn more about her and her methods go to .  She also writes a blog that is chock full of great information.

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