Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monthly Surprises in the Mail

So how do we really feel about all the monthly subscriptions you can sign up for now?  There is make up boxes such as Birchbox and Ipsy.  There are by weekly recipe boxes that can be delivered to your home such as Plated, Taste Guru, and Nature Box.  There are boxes for the men in your life like Trunk Club and Dollar Shave Club.  There are even boxes for the pets that you love and for that special time of the month that even include chocolate.

Personally I love them!!  And I have also put myself on a mission for my readers to try as many as I possible can.  To me, it is like getting a surprise in the mail every month.  My niece Veronica and I always text each other to let the other know that our monthly Ipsy is in the mailbox and then once we rip it open, we compare the products that we both received.

I have been a part of a snack bi-weekly package from Graze.  It is the perfect treat to bring to work with you so you always have something healthy to snack on at work.  I especially love the salt and pepper popcorn bag they send once in awhile.

I also noticed that my husband is starting to get in on it as well.  He is actually thinking about ordering one that sends clothes to the house.  You simply tell them your style and they come up with the perfect outfit for you, at a minimal cost of course.

So what subscription boxes do you receive?  I am going to try Plated next.  They send fresh ingredients and recipe cards so you can create a delicious and healthy meal at home.

Share your stories with us, and keep checking for updates on some of the latest boxes, delivered right to your home.

Hugs, Kiki