Monday, July 27, 2015

Almost Time For Vegas!

It is almost that time of year again.  My Girls' trip to Vegas.  This year on the agenda, relaxation by the pool, great shopping, and dancing every night.  Once again, we will be staying at the beautiful Flamingo Hotel.  I love the pool area and the location is perfect for getting just about every where.

I will be arriving one day ahead of my friend, so of course I am going to spend the day shopping.  So here is my first question.  My destination will be the Las Vegas Premium Outlets.  But I need suggestions.  Should I go North or South this time?  I know each one has it's highlights, but I still can't pick a side.

My next question is nightlife.  The plan is to dance the night away and enjoy the best drinks in town.  What clubs would you recommend?  We are thinking about hitting up 1Oak Nightclub in The Mirage.  But we have 2 other nights to plan for.  Where would you go to have a great time?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Can You Fall In Love With A Shoe?

Can you fall in love with a shoe?  Isn't that the life long question.  I just spotted this shoe at Kohl's and pretty much fell in love at first sight.  They are from Dolce by Mojo Moxy.   The style is Hailee and they are perfect.  I think it is the ribbon tie, you just don't see that anymore.  I can see my Nana wearing these back in the day, looking extremely stylish.  The price point is perfect too, they retail for around $49.95.  And at Kohl's you know you can always find a deal and also receive Kohl's Cash.  They even come in black!

With all that being said, Who is ready to go shopping!!??


Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Perfect Summer Wedge

I am pretty sure I just found the perfect Summer Wedge.  Browsing around one of my favorite places to find hot shoes, Dillard"s.

These are from Sbicca.  They are from the Vintage Collection.  And they are fabulous!  I love the pop of color and the braided strap that crosses over the shoe.  They look amazing.  Sexy, yet Summery and Breezy.  They are also reasonably priced.  These are definitely wedges I will be adding to my collection this summer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Love These Shoes!

How fabulous are these shoes?  I am already putting an outfit together with some Boyfriend jeans and a cute top.  I can even picture them with a pretty dress I bought at New York & Co. that is blue.  I love the idea of shoes that pop.  I found these at Shoes on a Shoestring.  And the best part, they are only $20!  They also come in different colors including blue, black, and a fuchsia.

Would it make me a bad person if I bought all 4 colors?


Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I don't usually like the Gladiator shoe, BUT this one is too fabulous to ignore.

How gorg is this one?  I need it now!  What do you think?  Are you a fan of the Gladiator?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Charming Charlie, Here I Come!

Love this outfit!  With a cardigan, this is perfect for the weather right around now.  The bracelets pop thanks to the great color match with the pants.  Now I totally want to go to Charming Charlie and get some great accessories to go with some of my Spring outfits.

What do you think about the colors?  Would you wear this outfit?

Hugs, Kiki

Help Pantene!! I Can't Get The Tangles Out!

I have been trying to grow my hair long for a while now.  The problem with that, the knots are unbelievable!  It takes me forever to brush my hair, and when I do, I pull out half my hair.  One day I was looking down the hair care aisle and I noticed a product that I decided to try.

It is Pantene Repair Light Detangler, and it works!  This is how I use it.  While my hair is still wet, I take different sections and spray it with the product.  I then brush it through.  By the end, my hair is brushed and I don't have a ton of loose hairs in the sink.  It works every time!  So if you are sick of tearing your long hair out of your head in order to brush it out, this is the product for you!

Hugs, Kiki 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Be Intimidated

I am not going to lie, there are some make-up stores and counters that intimidate me.  Merle Norman is one of them.  But I finally said enough is enough and made an appointment to have a mini makeover.  I am glad I did!  My first misconception about Merle Norman cosmetics is the price.  I just assumed the price point would be a little out of my reach, but I was wrong.  They are comparable with department store cosmetics prices, nothing that made me feel like I was going to break the bank.

My second misconception was that this line was for the older customer.  I will tell you, that is not the case.  There were so many colors to choose from, I almost couldn't make a final decision on what to bring home.  I did purchase a beautiful mint color for my brown eyes that makes them just pop.  I was also introduced to my new favorite product that I will never again live without, that is their Brow Color and Sealer.  Now my brows look great and it helps me maintain them. 

And last, but not even close to least, my make-up artist Pam.  She is the best!  She gave me so many tips, taught me new tricks, and even showed me how to contour my cheeks to final emphasize my cheek bones.  Pam made the whole experience comfortable, not in the least bit intimidating.  A few days later, she called to check up to make sure I was still happy with my purchases, and she even special ordered a foundation just for me. 

I will be back to Merle Norman in the future to try more of their products and to collect more of their beautiful eye shadow and lipstick colors. 

For more information, Call Pam at 505-323-0832 or go to to find a store near you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jessica Simpson is My Girl!

There is nothing my girl Jessica Simpson can't do, and these red hot shoes aren't the only reason.  I will let you in on the dream.  The dream would be to take a trip to Las Vegas with reservations at the Flamingo.  I would be rushing through the airport with my fabulous luggage to my awaiting Town Car.  Ok, maybe it is more like a shuttle, but either way I will take it!  I love this luggage!  What is your fashion fantasy?  Share it with us and maybe it will come true. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Have you ever felt like a Princess?

Have you ever wanted to own a pair of shoes that makes you feel like a Princess?  These are the ones for you.  Louboutin does it for me all the time.  Can you imagine going to a ball, dancing with your Prince Charming?

What is your Princess shoe?  Share your pics with us.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Chat With Jess Green

When scrolling through Facebook, sometimes it feels like we are inundated with video after video.  BUT, every once in awhile there is a video that just pops out at you.  You are compelled to watch it, and afterwards you are happy you did, and sometimes you actually learn something from it.

That happened to me.  I follow Drea de Matteo.  I have loved her since she brought IBS onto the scene in The Sopranos and turned her life around in Sons of Anarchy, I even watched Joey just to because of her.  So when I saw her in a workout video with Personal Trainer Jess Green I had to stop and watch.  Now we have all seen videos like this, but what is so fabulous about this one is, Drea is just like you and me!  Jess Green is working hard, showing us the proper way to work a muscle and Drea is there struggling through.  Now here is where it gets deep.  While watching this video, I had that AHA moment when I realized, it doesn't matter who you are, you might seem on the surface as a person who has it all together.  But in the end, there are things that we all struggle with.  The come away was that you might struggle but you can do it, just do it in your own way.

Thanks to the fabulous world we live in today, I was able to reach out to Jess and chat with her about her philosophy.  She was even gracious enough to give me a few tips on exercises and stretches that I could do while I am at work.  Now here is where it gets super cool, she is currently working at Radio City Music Hall in the Spring Spectacular.  Jess is not only a personal trainer, she is also a life coach and can help you in every aspect of your journey to a better you.  And even though she is located in New York City at the time, she is able to work with you through Skype and other forms of social media.  

Jess will customize a routine to meet your needs and your lifestyle.  From Nutrition, to workouts, to making smart choices.  She wants us all to "Unleash the Fierce Athlete within", and I have to say, after talking with her, I believe even I can do that.

My focus was different stretches I can do at work, but Jess actually had a great idea to do it as a group at work so you have the comradery.  She suggested workers in an office set a reminder on their phones at different times through out the day to do their stretches.  You don't necessarily gather together, but you know that you are all sitting at your desks doing it at the same time.

Jess is full of great information and tips for getting to the best you possible.  To learn more about her and her methods go to .  She also writes a blog that is chock full of great information.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monthly Surprises in the Mail

So how do we really feel about all the monthly subscriptions you can sign up for now?  There is make up boxes such as Birchbox and Ipsy.  There are by weekly recipe boxes that can be delivered to your home such as Plated, Taste Guru, and Nature Box.  There are boxes for the men in your life like Trunk Club and Dollar Shave Club.  There are even boxes for the pets that you love and for that special time of the month that even include chocolate.

Personally I love them!!  And I have also put myself on a mission for my readers to try as many as I possible can.  To me, it is like getting a surprise in the mail every month.  My niece Veronica and I always text each other to let the other know that our monthly Ipsy is in the mailbox and then once we rip it open, we compare the products that we both received.

I have been a part of a snack bi-weekly package from Graze.  It is the perfect treat to bring to work with you so you always have something healthy to snack on at work.  I especially love the salt and pepper popcorn bag they send once in awhile.

I also noticed that my husband is starting to get in on it as well.  He is actually thinking about ordering one that sends clothes to the house.  You simply tell them your style and they come up with the perfect outfit for you, at a minimal cost of course.

So what subscription boxes do you receive?  I am going to try Plated next.  They send fresh ingredients and recipe cards so you can create a delicious and healthy meal at home.

Share your stories with us, and keep checking for updates on some of the latest boxes, delivered right to your home.

Hugs, Kiki

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Perfect Date Night

There is something exciting happening Valentine's weekend in Rio Rancho.  It is Cirque du Soleil Varekai.  I had the pleasure of getting a behind the scenes tour of the show and actually seeing the production at the Santa Ana Star Center yesterday.  It is AMAZING!!  The colors, the stunts, the acrobatics.  This show has you on the edge of your seat from the beginning until the last minute.
Varekai is a world deep within a forest, an extraordinary world at the summit of a volcano where anything is possible.  Varekai follows a man who falls into a magical forest populated by creatures so beautiful you thought you could only imagine them in your dreams.  While on his interesting journey, the man rediscovers life.  Varekai mean 'wherever' in the Romany language of the gypies.  It is said that this production pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition.   But it also pays tribute to the passion of freedom that we all have inside of us, and it shows us that what we are searching for might be right in front of us all along.
This was my first Cirque performance, but it will not be my last.  I am already researching which show I will attend while I am in Vegas this May.  Watching the acrobats practice is breathtaking.  The skills they possess are unimaginable and the way they fly through the air is mind boggling.  I could not take my eyes off of them.  I was able to get a glimpse into what it actually takes to put a production of this magnitude together.  There are so many elements you never even think of.  They have a cobbler who travels with them. All she does is repair their shoes, gluing things together and making sure they are perfect for each show. There is also a person who does nothing but steam every single costume.  There are details that could never be overlooked, because one little misstep can affect the show, and ultimately the safety of the performers.  
The show itself is beyond amazing.  The way they fly through the air as if it is as natural as breathing is not only incredible, it is also inspiring.  You leave the arena with a sense that anything is possible, all you need is your imagination and you can follow your dreams.  My favorite part is the 2 aerial performers that do the entire routine together.  These men are incredible.  With one arm attached to a rope, they gather all their massive strength and dazzle the audience with skill it must have taken years to perfect.  But that is exactly what it is.  Pure Perfection.  
There is even a little comic relief with a man and a woman who entertain the crowd before the show even begins and appear from time to time to break your trance with laughter.
I would highly recommend getting tickets for Varekai.  You can call the Santa Ana Star Center box office at 505-891-7300 or you can go online to  The show runs now through Sunday with 2 shows on Saturday and Sunday.
Happy Valentine's Day.  Hugs, Kiki  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Most Relaxing Massage.....EVER!!

I never really understood what people were talking about when they said 'your head is in your shoulders'.  That is, until we started packing up our house to move.  Sore shoulders, backache, and stress made me realize it was time for a super massage.

My first thought, time to schedule an appointment with Jack over at Casa Verde Spa.   With the help of my consultant, Mistie, I decided on the Head to Toe Relaxation Treatment.  It is a 75 minute treatment that is one of their premier services.  Allow me to walk you through my experience.

When you first arrive at Casa Verde, you are welcomed by the staff with hot tea and delicious flavored water.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, one of the things I love about this spa is that they make you feel like family.  Friendly faces, a warm atmosphere, and the immediate feeling of relaxation.

Next it is off to the tranquil treatment room.  The decorations, the colors, the aroma, and the warmth start to melt away any stress you might have.  After snuggling under the blankets Jack starts with a warm oil scalp massage.  As far as I am concerned, he can do that for the whole appointment and I would be a happy girl.  But it doesn't end there.  He also gives you a customized mini facial that leaves your face with a glow.  Then, off to the real treat.  A full body exfoliation to invigorate the skin followed with a full body massage.

I love the aroma journey.  Before your treatment begins, 3 scents are offered for you to pick.  The Aveda Scents are unmistakable.  Clearing your mind sometimes is so difficult.  While I am lying there I often visualize myself on a beach with the waves crashing in the background.  That is my happy place.
One of the Treatment rooms at Casa Verde

Scheduling an appointment is super easy.  You can call Casa Verde Spa at (505) 881-0464.  You can also visit their website to see their complete list of services.    Make sure to tell them Kiki Garcia sent you.