Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Flavor is Taking Over The World

I was in my favorite store the other day, Target, and I saw something that rocked me to my core.  Pumpkin Flavored Oreos.  That is when I was certain, Pumpkin Flavor is taking over the world.  Whether it if Pumpkin Lattes, Pumpkin Candles, or my favorite, Pumpkin Pies, there is no denying it is the IT flavor of the season.  But what about for Fall Fashion??  Maybe you want to look the part of the season, but the orangey color is just not your thing.  I found a few options that might work for you this month.

How about a burnt red look instead??  This outfit is really not hard to copy at home and I am willing to bet if we take a look in the back of our closet we might even be able to find some of these items, or close to it.  I know that when I see a good deal on tank tops I always stock up.  I have one just a touch lighter than this tan one, but it would work.  The great part about this outfit is that even though it is cold in the morning, it still tends to warm up in the afternoon.  You can exchange the tank top for a shirt with sleeves and you would be able to take a layer off if needed.  I always love to match my purse to my outfit, and this one just adds that extra pop you need.

Now personally, I love skirts and leggings.  This fall skirt is a gorgeous color and looks fabulous when paired with some tights and a sweater.  I was able to find one simular to this at Old Navy in grey.  I wear it with some dark tights and a simple black short sleeve shirt and of course a cardigan over the top.  It is perfect for work, or even dinner with the hubby after.  If you pair it with a burnt red or dark green suede pump, you really have a perfect outfit for fall. 

Fall can be so much more than pumpkin this and pumpkin that.  I will showcase more great finds in the following weeks.  I will also let you know where you can purchase them, how much they cost and where to find the great deals.  I am not cheap and am not against spending money on some pieces.  But I do love a bargain, and I am sure you do too.

If you have any great finds, please share with us, I would love to see them!!

Hugs, Kiki 

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