Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Purses???

The Perfect Purse
On a recent trip to Macy's at the Cottonwood Mall I found the perfect Michael Kors purse.  It was just the blue color I wanted it to be, it was small enough to wear to a concert without having to worry about misplacing it, and it had a strap I could wear across my body that was perfect.  The price was right and I was ready to check out when I stopped myself.  A little pang of guilt came over me.  I started asking all the usual questions.  Do I really need this??  Don't I have one simular at home??  Couldn't I use the money (even though it was a fabulous deal) for something else??  I guilted my way right to putting it back on the rack.  I walked away feeling good about myelf, but I knew in the back of my mind I would regret this moment for the rest of my life.  Sure enough, it happens.  I awake at one in the morning.  The usual questions come back.  What did I do??  How could I have left that purse at Macy's??  I wonder if it is still there??  I need to go right after work today and get it before I hurt the perfect Michael Kors Purse's feelings!!   Sometimes I consider what different fictional characters would do.  In this instance, I looked to Carrie Bradshaw.  Would she say no in the way of fashion in order to pay more money on her car loan??  Probably not, right.  And that is what gives me the permission to go and purchase that Michael Kors purse and not feel guilty anymore.   Am I alone on this??  Is there really such a thing as too many purses??  Help a sister out.......

Hugs, Kiki 

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