Monday, May 19, 2014

Is This For Real???

One of the best parts of getting to work on Monday morning is looking through the ads from the Sunday paper.  I have a very nice man at work who saves them for me every week and leaves them  at my desk.  I scour the Target, JC Penny, and Kohl's ad.  Today was no exception.  But something took me by surprise when I was looking at the Kohl's ad, something so unexpected I had to save it so I could look at it a little later to make sure I wasn't seeing things wrong because of the early hour.  I will let you see the picture so you can see it for yourself.

Do you see it???  White sandals with Black Socks!!!!  I still can't believe my eyes.  This is from the Vera Wang collection exclusively at Kohl's.  I will be honest, I don't even know how to feel about this.  Could this really be a new trend??  By the end of the summer will I have the exact same look??  I want to say no, all my instincts are saying no, but .....I am scared.  I used to think I would never wear Chucks but now I have a half of closet full of them.  So what do you think??  Would you rock this look??  I guess you can never say never.

Hugs, Kiki