Friday, May 16, 2014

I Could Totally Be A Burlesque Girl

 Now we all know that the Flamingo Hotel is the home of Donnie & Marie, but did you also know it is home to the best Burlesque show in Vegas??  X Burlesque has a show every day of the week and is incredible.  I was able to attend one of the shows, but I also took the X Burlesque University.  Yes, that is right, They will teach you how to be a Burlesque dancer!!  I was in heaven. 

X Burlesque Troupe
To me, showgirls in Vegas are like Rock Stars.  I love them.  They are glamourous, beautiful, and their bodies are amazing.  The class meets on Saturdays at 3pm.  Two of the showgirls from the troupe teach a few tricks of the trade.  First, they go over how to apply false eyelashes, which really helped me a lot, I always struggle with that.  Then they go over a few make-up tricks, including how to put on blush so it really accentuates your cheekbones, and a cool trick to keeping your lip gloss on without getting your hair stuck in it.  I won't give anything away, but it is pretty brilliant and helps with the sparkle as well.  Then, after your make-up and lashes are showgirl worthy they teach you a part of the routine.  This is when the fun really begins.  You get to pick out a feather boa to use and then you get up on stage.  Whitney, one of the showgirls, walks you through step by step.  There is no rushing and if you have questions or can't get the move down right away she really helps you out.  After learning about 4 pieces you put the whole routine together and they add the music.  This is soooo much fun!!!  But wait, there is more.  After you run through the routine a couple of times with music they break the group up into 2.  You go back on stage and perform and then stand in a line just like you are auditioning for the show.  The sound guy then picks a winner from the group.  I am not going to lie, I was BEYOND excited when he picked me!!  I always knew I had it in me to be a showgirl, I just needed the chance to shine!!  lol  The X Burlesque University was so much fun!!!  You even get a diploma, a make-up kit and a picture to take home to show everyone.   I told my mom all about it and now she wants me to teach her the routine.  I suppose craving the spotlight runs in the family;) 

 This was a highlight of my trip to Las Vegas.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to let loose and have a little fun with a boa.  For tickets and more information check out  or 

Hugs, Kiki

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