Thursday, May 15, 2014

Doing the Outlets in Vegas

One part of my trip that I was looking so forward to was the shopping.  All the hotels have so many beautiful shops that you don't get to see everyday.  There is the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood and of course all the shops in between.  But what I couldn't wait to check out was the Las Vegas Premium Outlets.  My first big decision was, do I check out the North or the South location?!   After talking to a few friends about it I decided to go to the South location when I arrived in town on Friday.  I was blown away.  It was everything I thought it would be, and there was even a Dunkin' Donuts!! 

With all my excitement of getting there, I couldn't wait for the bus, so I actually grabbed a cab at the Monte Carlo.  That probably wasn't my best decision, it cost around $25 to get there, but I just couldn't wait.  Upon my arrival, I grabbed a delicious Iced Coffee at Dunkins and got to work on my recon mission.  At first, I walked around the entire outlet to see what was there and take mental notes on what I wanted to buy.  I think this helps when you are in a new city shopping.  Sometimes, with all the excitement of new surroundings, you make bad decisions when you are spending your money.  If you see something and then come back later to buy it, it gives you a little time to think about it to make sure it is really something you need.  I have made many bad choices shopping at 3 in the morning on Black Friday Sales, so now I take my time.  I found many great deals, and some that I am glad I walked away from.

When outlet shopping you have to keep in mind, it is not always the best price.  Don't get me wrong, the prices are good, but if you don't really need it and it is not marked way down, you are just spending money that you could use elsewhere.  The Loft Outlet is a good example.  The prices are great but if you hit it right, you can get killer deals right here at the regular Loft at ABQ Uptown.  I did get a great deal at the Coach Outlet.  I had received a coupon in the mail that I brought with me so I received an extra 15% off my purchase, plus I noticed they had more of a selection in Vegas than we do in Santa Fe.  There is a New York & Company outlet that was really nice.  I was able to get a nice dress for summer, jewelry, and even a gift for my Mom for around $50.  But the store that I was looking most forward to was Michael Kors.  I finally bought my first Michael Kors purse and I love it!!  It did cost around $90 which is better than it would be if I went to Dillard's, and it was a dream come true so it was priceless to me.

All in all, I was very pleased when I returned home and unpacked my treasures.  I didn't buy anything that made me think, why did you buy this??   Which is always good.  From what I hear, the only real difference between the North and South Outlets is a different variety of stores.  They are both mostly the same with a few exceptions.  I also heard that the North outlets are a little more expensive.  I am already planning a trip to the North on my next adventure to Las Vegas, which I am hoping will be at the end of the summer.  I would say the Las Vegas Outlets South is a FIND and I would plan to give  yourself at least half a day to go check it out, you will be happy you did.

Hugs, Kiki 

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  1. I can't wait until they open the vera Bradley store!