Thursday, April 3, 2014

So Who Wants to Take the Oil Pulling Challenge with Me???

There are so many different ways to lead a healthier life and one that is getting a lot of attention lately is Oil Pulling.  If you have not heard of this yet here is how it goes.  You take a spoonfull of Coconut or Sesame Oil, put it in your mouth, swish it around for 20 minutes, and change your life.  OK, Maybe not change your life, but you are supposed to notice whiter teeth while ridding your body of yucky toxins.  In the days of Yore they believed that using different oils could help with healing.  With oil pulling it is believed that you could actually rebalance your body and help with different ailments such as gum disease, reduce strep bacteria, and stop bad breath.  I have also heard that you can help your skin and hair look better by doing this.  So I have decided to give it a try.  Starting today and for the next two weeks I am going to oil pull once daily.  I will take before and after pictures of my teeth and you can be the judge.  If anyone wants to join me in this challenge just let me know.  Make sure you take a before and after photo as well.  Gwynth Paltrow loves this by the way and her nails, hair, and teeth look pretty good to me, so why not??!! 

So here is what you do.  I am going to use coconut oil.  You put it in your mouth as a solid, let it melt a little and then get to swishing.  Once the 20 minutes are up make sure you disgard of it in the garbage pail.  DO NOT swollow, you will only be ingesting the toxins back in and don't use your sink because the oil could block the drain.

OK.....So who is in?????

This is the Brand I will use.


  1. I'm in - been thinking about it, but the 20 minute thing makes me hesitate....I am trying to imagine what else I can do while I'm swishing oil around my mouth for 20 minutes :)

  2. I think we can always start at 10 minutes and take it from there.

  3. I started with 5 minutes and built my time up slowly. I used 1/2 Fractionated Coconut oil (more liquid) and 1/2 Coconut Oil at first too