Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Name is Kiki, and I Have A Problem.......

My name is Kiki, and I have a problem.  I can't get enough make-up.  I buy it at the drug store, I buy it at the department store, I buy it online, and I even get it in the mail every month.  There is something about the beautiful colors.  I can't help myself.  I just pass it by and it calls out my name like a mistress in the dark.  That is why when I first get the flyer in the mail that it is bonus time once again I start feeling weak. Then I go to work and hear the ad on the radio.  The announcer, in her cute raspy voice reminds me, it is bonus time and I find myself planning my next trip to the mall.  "I will just take my niece Sophia because she loves to go shopping" is the excuse I use.  But we all know the real reason is because I just can't resist.   I don't need anything but what could it hurt to just take a look.  And then it happens.  I find the one product that I don't have that I just can't live without.  And since I am getting a free gift along with my purchase, what could it hurt to pick the perfect color that matches my eyes??!!

Superprimer by Clinique
This, my friends, is what happened to me recently at Macy's.  But I have to say, I have been wanting to try a foundation primer for quite some time.  I might as well buy it when I can get not one, but two cute make-up bags and some mini products that I can take on vacation with me. 

Bonus Gift at Macy's

I decided on the Superprimer in Universal.  I tried it yesterday morning, and I saw the difference right away.  You smooth it onto your face before you put on your foundation.  It evens out the skin and helps the foundation set better.  I loved the look.  Since I wake up so early, I feel that by 11am my make-up is starting to wear off.  With the primer, I didn't feel the need to do any touch ups.  I just swiped my face with a little pressed powder and I was good to go.  The different Colour Correct Primers help with Dullness, Redness, Sallowness, and Discolourations.  The price point is around $27 which is not bad considering a little goes a long way.  After wrestling with the decision to add another step to my daily make-up routine, I would say the answer is yes, a primer is the right decision.  I would call Superprimer by Clinique a FIND.

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