Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Want To Go Shopping!!!


A Beautiful Pencil Dress
I take care of my niece every Wednesday, and even though she is just 2 years old, the first thing she always asks me to do is go shopping.   Even at an early age Sophia knows that shopping is one of the greatest things about being a girl.  So this week I took her to the Cottonwood Mall to look around.  I was so surprised to see one of my favorite stores from downtown had moved into the mall.  I was first introduced to 66 Pin-Ups a few years ago when it was located not too far from my office and I fell in love with the clothes.  It is an instant flashback to the fabulous outfits people got to enjoy in the 50's.

How much fun is this dress??

They have everything from bathing suits, to dresses, to shoes, and even some fashions for your husband too.  I think now that they are located in the Cottonwood Mall it is going to be so much easier for people to access the store, I know I will go shopping there a lot more.  I am willing to bet we are going to see a lot more ladies out there rockin' these cool dresses, which personally I think would be awesome.  There is something about the pencil dresses or the full skirts that just makes me happy.  I am about to go to Vegas next month and I am going to buy one of the cool bathing suits to bring with me.  How much fun is this black & white dress??  The price point is not bad, you could put together a great outfit for around $100.

You can check out 66 Pin-Ups on the lower level of the Cottonwood Mall right by Macy's.  Say hi to Joyce and tell her Kiki sent you.

Adorable 2 Piece Bathing Suit

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