Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love a Great Surprise in the Mail

There is nothing more exciting than getting a great surprise in the mail.  We all receive magazines, and of course coupons from some of our favorite stores.  But the thing that I love the most is my monthly subsciption to Ipsy.  My niece Veronica first told me about this monthly make-up club around Christmas.  When you go to they first inform you that you will be on the waiting list and as soon as a spot opens up you are in, which just makes it more intriguing and fun to be a part of.  Then after a couple of days they tell you that you are in the club, but you won't get your first package until next month.  By this point, the anticipation is so great you could hardly contain your excitement.  Then you get the email that your order has shipped and you run to the mailbox every day until you get that beautiful pink bubble wrap package in the mail. 

The April Glam Bag with Treats

This month my Ipsy was pretty cool.  There was a beautiful eye shadow brush, a lip pencil, eye shadow, and even a mini microdermabrasion cream.  And of course, a cute glam bag you can use for anything.  The brands are always big name products like Urban Decay, Benefit, and Dr. Brandt.  The monthly set typically contains 5 different products for you to try along with a glam bag.  There is also information on how you can order more of the product and sometimes even money saving coupons.  The best part, to bring this joy into you life only costs $10 a month.  And there is a discount if you pay for the whole year.  As soon as the package arrives, I rip mine open and go through all the goodies and then I text Veronica to tell her to go check the mail and see if her's arrived too.  It is so much fun to talk about the products and decide what we like the most.  I would say #ipsy is a FIND.  I think getting something in the mail that you actually look forward to is always a plus!!!

Hugs, Kiki 


  1. I love Ipsy!! I haven't checked my mail yet for it.. Can you do a review on some eyeliners with real staying power? Especially now for the summer..

  2. I would love to. Look for it within the next week.