Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dream Come True

Designing your own purse may seem like a dream come true.   Finding the right sytle and color, and one that is not too big and not too small always stresses me out.   So when I first found out about the company Too Cute Totes I was intrigued.  The basic concept of Too Cute is getting the right purse for you that is as unique as you are.  There are different styles to choose from, but the thing I love the most is that you can also pick your own material.  All the purses are handmade to be exactly what you love.  I picked out the perfect purse for me.  How adorable is this??!!! 

Kenidee Purse


Too Cute Totes was started just 8 years ago by a woman from Los Alamos, Karen Scott.  She found herself with time on her hands and decided to start sewing as a hobby.  After creating a beautiful purse for herself, friends started asking where she got it because it was just 'too cute'.  And that is where the idea to go into business creating these one of a kinds began.  Now Karen has 20 styles to choose from with over 400 patterns you can use.  Many people mix and match the outside and inside.  They are perfect for gifts, she even has one that is a diaper bag along with a changing pad to match.  You can create your own style with the pockets you want.  They can even embroider something on the outside like a company name if you wish.   The sizes range from make-up bag to travel bag.  We do have a representative right here in town, Mercedes Wharton.  You can have a purse party or you could just pick out the perfect purse for you.  You can even go online and look at all the beautiful fabrics there are to choose from.  The totes do take 6-8 weeks for delivery and are made by hand by 4 craftsman hard at work in Nevada. 

Too Cute Diaper Bag

For more information visit there website at www.toocutetotes.com  or contact Mercedes directly at mercedes@toocutetotes.com  

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